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Here are some important factors to consider when hiring a short sale agent

#1 Short Sale Experience:

Short sales can be extremely complex. Some of the complexities include detailed program guidelines, rigid time frames, foreclosure and title issues as well as finding a buyer who will meet the strict approval criteria. An agent who has prior short sale experience can be an invaluable asset throughout this process. Make sure to place your trust in an agent who has demonstrated experience negotiating and closing short sales.

#2 Lender Familiarity:

All lenders have their own unique procedures and regulations for navigating the short sale process. Some of the larger lenders include Bank of America, Citi, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo Bank, Ocwen etc. Hiring a short sale agent who has previously navigated and closed short sales with your bank can provide you with a significant advantage as that agent likely gained valuable insight into the procedures and processes that can help expedite an approval from your specific bank.

#3 Identifying the Right Buyer:

Most sellers are not in the position to undertake costly repairs when beginning the short sale process. They need to sell their property in its actual condition; as is. Choosing an agent who has the knowledge and experience to identify a buyer with the financial wherewithal to buy a property in that condition is crucial. The right buyer can mean the difference between the short sale being approved or not.

If you need help with a short sale call us at Westmarq 732-630-2381 or email us at info@westmarq.com

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